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INTELTEH Ltd. – through certification towards the new foreign markets

In 2017. INTELTEH Ltd. has signed a grant agreement for projects financed by European structural and investment funds for a 2014-2020 financial period. Agreement was signed between the Croatian Ministry of economy, enterpreneurship and crafts and Croatian agency for small economy, inovations and investments on one side, and INTELTEH Ltd. as beneficiary of the grants on the other. Grants are awarded for the purpose of project implementation named "Intelteh Ltd. – through certification towards the new foreign markets".

Coordinator: INTELTEH Ltd.
Total value of a project: 918.016,25 kn
EU part in a project financing: 468.966,25 kn
Period of implementation: 06.12.2017. – 06.12.2018.
Project manager: Jezerko Crnić, dipl. Ing.

Project consists of the following investment elements:

1. Grading of a product compliance - certification
2. Product testing by the accreditation body for type approval
3. Publicity and visibility
4. Project managment and administrating

Project description:

By internationally recognized certification of nine of its own ship electronics products, INTELTEH will carry out competitiveness on the markets of Russia, Japan, nordic countries as well as on domestic market through revenue growth deriving from exports and sales increase, new employments and quality increase of their products by the year 2020.

Goals and expected project results:

1. Increase in the number of certified products
2. Increase in the sales income
3. Increase of exports income

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